We have a new puppy. He’s mega cute. His name is Harley and he’s this gorgeous little life that we are responsible for now and for the next 10-15 years. That’s a pretty significant committment.

At the moment we are just trying to toilet train him and keep him from feeling sad that he’s away from his brothers and sisters. We’ve done a lot of research as to how best to achieve this, so now it’s just dealing with the trepidation and trying to make it happen.

Last night was his first night with us. He pee’d outside at 11pm and then went to bed after a few up and down trying to get us to interact with him. We set the alarm for 2am to take him outside but he didn’t go. Then I woke up at 2.45am to him padding around. Jay got up and just missed getting him outside as he pee’d on the carpet. When I got out of bed at 7am, he had pooed in the hallway. But not too messy and we have this special dog-crap-cleaning spray that magically helps. It’s going to be a tough, but if thousands of other people have done it, so can we!

Play time this morning was fun. He likes his little round bouncy toy and tries to growl and bark at it. It’s a tiny little yap. We are only rewarding him with lots of attention and praise when he’s quiet and being a good boy. That’s what the vet said – reward for good behaviour, ignore the bad.

Jay has dubbed himself “Puppy Trainer – Obedience Specialist” and has created a list of commands that we have to say/do. Well, he is the alpha-male!

Harley & his bed

 He doesn’t have blue eyes – that’s just the flash 🙂


5 thoughts on “Harley

  1. OMG Melly your baby boy is so beautiful! We should have had a baby shower!! teehee Oh Mel, are you going to do a Paris and carry him around, take him to work? That would be so cool – one of the girls in my office at WPark did that with both kittens and puppies. Western Suburbs F Yeah! You can argue workplace family policies .. 🙂

    My mum toilet trained all the dogs we stole from the neighbourhood when we were kids .. something to do with newspaper and moving it slowly towards the door? Meh, Im sure you guys will figure it out – CUTE!! XX

  2. What a dootie! I heard that if you keep them inside a crate or big box, they learn to hold it in because they don’t want to wee on themselves. They just hold it until you let them out. (I didn’t get anywhere with the dog toilet training. We just kicked him outside when it didn’t work.)

  3. I wouldn’t put the pee rug in front of the bed. How would you like it you rolled out of bed onto your own pee! 😛

    He’s stunning I’m looking forward to watching Nate sit on him!

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