this isnt a movie or maybe

You know those movies where the main character goes through a few weeks/months of pure hell, tripping over, running into coffee, getting splashed with street water from a passing cab, getting yelled at by demon male executives, all the while having the best intentions but just not getting to see the light at the end of the tunnel?  Well as they say, every dog has their day, and not that Im liking myself to a dog, but I finally got my day in the sun!

I enjoy working where I do,otherwise I wouldnt be coming up to 10 years service (in December). We are a global organisation with 11,500 employees, over 6000 customers, in 48 countries. We are strongest in Australia, Europe & Africa. I am really proud of the work I do, and I am more geek than I would like to admit as I do get excited about the services and technology we deliver. Ive done some cool projects in cool places (a mine in central QLD, high security in Melbourne airport, riverside Brisbane, big banks, govt departments & Media organisations in the city). A lot of the time it’s stressful because of time constraints and high political visibility, but it’s also fun because I have really great work colleagues, and it helps that management generally empower us to make decisions and follow our instincts. We work hard and play hard. Im part of the Social Committee and we have nights at the movies & harbour cruises with our partners and annual trivia nights where everyone gets hammered, has a laugh and lets off steam.

So at the Quarterly Branch Update last week I was honoured with the People & Culture Award, which basically means that I (apparently) display the values and culture that my company holds dear. Apart from being rewarded in front of my peers, I also received a bottle of Moet, a yoghurt maker (culture maker, get it?) and a $500 Myer voucher 🙂

I think I hear an iPad calling my name (well, at least part of it!).

2 thoughts on “this isnt a movie or maybe

  1. to all those late nights, early mornings, running in the rain between jobs, well done, well deserved, and I am very proud of you

  2. I am very proud – I say it with love and no sense of irony (even though I usually deflect love with sarcasm). It shows great character to stick at something for so long and with a truly sustained effort. Don’t change.

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