the man your man could smell like

Growing up, I remember my Dad would always mute the TV during the commercial breaks. He said he didn’t want to hear the trash that the media was trying to peddle to him. It used to drive me crazy. I must admit that I sometimes do it myself now…it’s more because I’m adamant that the ads are 3 times louder than the TV show and I wouldn’t want the neighbours to complain about that annoying guy yelling that everything must go and all CDs are a dollar!

But here is a commercial that you shouldn’t turn off. Good God shall smite you (as she’s known to do) if you mute it! Grab popcorn, sit back and drool ladies!

The man your man could smell like is on youtube and coming to a TV near you. Courtesy of our obsessive viral nature, we’re lucky to view this ad that aired earlier in the year during the Superbowl in the States. Everyone is watching it. Everyone is forwarding it. Everyone is talking about it. Alyssia Milano is flirting with him on Twitter and Jennifer Aniston wants to hire him.

This guy is a hot, hilarious, half-naked lothario! Enjoy!

“look at me…your on a boat, with the man your man could smell like.”

“I must ride my jet ski lion into the sunset…”

“Anything is possible when your man smells like old spice and not a lady. Im on a horse.


view the old spice guy commercial here:

and now view the post reply by Old Spice Guy to Alyssa Milano’s flirt on Twitter:

Old Spice Guy letter to Alyssa Milano
Old Spice Guy = pure gentleman!

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