South, Neutral Bay

Lucky Dinner Club # 7!   

South in Neutral Bay is a cute, small little America-style diner that specialises in good-ole southern style home cookin’.   

This was Jay’s pick (after seeing it on Not Quite Nigella’s food blog) and we were all pretty excited about it. All those Hollywood movies have hypnotised our psyche so that the idea of chicken fried steak and crab cakes sound like the most exotic dishes ever! James was our dinner club guest, so the 5 of us arrived for our 7.30pm booking, starving. The website says BYOB (bring your own beer) so the guys translated that as bring your own bourbon. Well, bourbon is American. On another note, I prepared/punished myself for this binge by running twice and eating salads for lunch during the week…   

South Restaurant

We forewarned the waitress that we’d be eating a lot of food, so that she could prepare the kitchen!   

In our excitement, we didn’t take pictures of some of the food and then I feel that my phone’s camera doesn’t do any of the food justice, so I have borrowed photos from a few other blog sites that I adore – Not Quite Nigella and eatshowandtell and A Table for Two.   

Mmmmmm Starters…   

The sweet tea $4 is to die for. Seriously. The best iced-tea I’ve drunk! I think it’s normal iced tea with sugar-water. Mmmmm…if I drowned in sweet tea, it would be a pleasure.   

Sweet Tea

The 5 of us shared the following:   

Leo’s Cowboy Chili $13
Hot Wings $16
1/2 Rack BBQ Ribs $18
House-made Gumbo $13
Cornbread $4    

Hot Wings
House-made Gumbo

Mega-exciting mains up next!   

Neen: Pull Pork Sandwich $16   

The pork is cooked real slow, rubbed with spices and then cooled, pulled apart and shoved into a soft burger-bun and served with house-made coleslaw and golden shoe-string fries.   

Pulled Pork Sandwich

Ian: Jambalaya $24   

This is the second Dinner Club in a row that Ian has been disappointed with his main. This time though, he switched last minute from the ribs (as if you would) to Jambalaya. Which was really nice but not a “man’s” dish. The Jambalaya is like an American Cajun version of paella or risotto. It is rice slow cooked with smoked sausage, chicken and veggies.   


JimmyJams: Country-fried Steak $24   

It’s a giant hunk of rump that’s deep-fried (of course!) topped with gravy and served with those delectable fries and collared greens.   

Country-fried Steak

Jay: Smothered Chicken $26   

Jay’s meal looks like it could cause an instant heart-attack (there goes his 4km run that morning) and he is a little taken-aback when it’s placed in front of him because of the sheer mass of cheese. Let’s remember that my husband is lactose intolerant, but he continues to defy this fact and pays for it badly. Anyway, he loves the taste of this chicken breast topped with bacon and melted cheese, served with fries and collared greens.   

Smothered Chicken

Mel: BBQ Ribs $39   

Just what we were all waiting for!  A mammoth rack of ribs (10 in total). They are tender as a boxer after a bout, and they fall off the bone. There are bets being hedged on how many I’ll actually get through. I am set that I’ll finish the lot, but in actual fact I eat 4 and the boys eat the other 5 and Neen has a taste of 1! They are finger licking good with a sticky BBQ sauce and served with fries (I did ask for coleslaw but it didn’t arrive, so Neen shares her’s with me).   

BBQ Ribs

Sweet treats….   

I think if you’re going to come to South, you plan your meal around the dessert. I have always wanted to eat pumpkin pie (we start quoting Jules from Pulp Fiction “sewer rat may taste like pumpkin pie, but I’d never know ’cause I wouldn’t eat the filthy motherfucker.”) and it looks so good here. We basically share 3 desserts:   

Best Pumpkin Pie $11   

Best Pumpkin Pie

Lemon Meringue $12   

Lemon Meringue

Pecan Pie $12   

Pecan Pie

My obsession with American southern food (aka True Blood Merlotte’s style) has been sufficiently sated, we are now on track with our once-a-month dinner clubs. My pick next time and I have my sights set on some Japanese in The Rocks.   


South Restaurant | 222 Military Road, Neutral Bay | 02 9908 5225

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