just one of those weeks

The office environment is a bit like a zoo. There are all sorts of animals; some like mice that scamper to the corner when a bigger animal walks by; some like meerkats that stick their heads up to see whats going on; some that like to strut around like peacocks, plumes outstretched for everyone to notice; others like ostriches that stick their heads in the sand hoping that no-one will notice them and ask them to actually do something; the majority like bumblebees that just get on with it with no nonsense and, of course there are some like draught horses that pull their own weight plus pick up the slack. 

I know a few in each category.
Sometimes I’ve been in each category.
At the moment I’m in the last 2 categories.

The last few weeks have been hectic for me – I am now managing a program of projects at ‘7-letter-media-company’ as well as 2 other projects, and at times I just want to crawl under my desk with Harry Potter’s invisibility clock over myself and hope to God that no-one calls my phone or comes to my desk, or IMs me. I just want time to sit back in my chair and breathe or get lunch before 2pm or actually go to the bathroom when I need to instead of when I can no longer hold it!

As the majority of the PMs in our team are in the same boat as me (we have had an influx of work that has dropped out of nowhere so it wasnt in the pipeline for planning) we do what we can to alleviate our pain; usually with lots of swearing, alcohol (after hours) or funny emails (during BH). My work colleague Trish sends around these Cyanide and Happiness emails which everyone loves. She started sending them weekly, but they are now circulating every second day. This one below is pertinent indeed!

A four-hour workshop + a project closure meeting at ‘Which Bank’ until I’m done for the week (let’s hope that I don’t get any calls from my guys in Melbourne on Sunday….)!  Bring on 5pm!

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