I’ve been…

craving chocolate.
drinking a little too much.
working a little too hard.
making myself like eggs.
{because everyone, everywhere likes eggs and I feel as if I’m missing out}
successfully trying not to have to control every situation.
re-watching every True Blood episode that comes out.
{in secret, because Jay thinks I’m an obsessive nut}
having de-ja-vu everyday.
taking pictures of everything I eat.
{with my phone}
inhaling fruit.
running in the mornings.
{yay – health kick – podrunner – 0 to 5km in 10 weeks!}
loving the French manicure.
making an effort to be more tolerant.
trying not to let people get to me so easily.
{tougher skin baby}
listening to Angus & Julia Stone. alot.
reading books by German authors.
trying to control my breathing.
not sleeping very well.
{combination of husband’s mammoth snores & work swirling around my head}
laughing more.
dreaming about Melbourne.
wishing I had more family.
{but appreciating the ones I have}
loving the flowers that Jay has been bringing me home.

what about you?


  1. I have OCD, if something isn’t in order like the right cards in the right holder I fix them up! I did it when I went to Woolworthes. I also fix toilets that are broken in pubs if the water is running.

  2. I have OCD too. Last night in the pub I lined up all the coasters and tidied the brochures on the tables…I didn’t even realise I did it until everyone started laughing. But I just don’t like the world being untidy.

  3. Lindy once told me that Barry’s Dad Gig has serious OCD where he arranges all the food in the pantry so that its by height and all the labels face forward. Maybe you two could look him up and have an “I’m with crazy” support meeting!!! mwahahaha!

  4. I think it’s the full moon. Everyone is crazy!!
    I’m not sleeping well either, haven’t for ages
    Miss Melly Heaps (will be home soon darling 🙂
    Miss Col

    Can’t stand empty ice cube trays in the freezer, have to always fill them up
    Have to vaccum the floor if I see dirt on it
    Can’t stand a hole in my stockings
    Just to name some…..

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