“I got a right to sing the blues”

True Blood s03e06

We watched it late on Monday night, because we didn’t get home from work til 7.30pm, then Jay went for a run and I made dinner, and then we sat down, no distractions, to watch our favourite show!

I couldn’t post the recap yesterday, as Gracie’s birthday needed a post just for her, so here is the (delayed) recap just for Miss Tamara:

The episode starts dramatically, in slow motion as Sookie & Bill (sorry, Stupid Bill aka SB) are dragged into the King’s house. SB foolishly tries to kill the King (hello, he’s almost 3000 years old) after staking one of the guards. Eric is being nonchalant about Sookie; harshly referring to her as “it” (“I don’t know what it is, but it’s valuable” and “awww, look, it thinks we’re equal“. Sookie says “Eric, what the fuck?”). The King instructs SB be taken to the servant quarters and Lorena to kill him. Sookie tells Lorena that if she kills SB, then she’ll kill her. Lorena retorts with one of the best lines of the evening
Please try. Without that sanctimonious little prick Godrick to save you, I would just love to rip you open and wear your ribcage as a hat.”  …her voice dripping with southern charm.
Eric leads her into the library, all the while Sookie babbling away how Eric is a scumbag since he obviously doesn’t care for Sookie like she thought. Eric bares his fangs and tells her that she means nothing to him and that he’s so close to getting something very important that he’s wanted since he was human. (we know that’s just not true!)

Meanwhile, back at Merlotte’s, Jessica and Arlene can’t go home til an obnoxious customer has left for the night. Jessica proceeds to glamour her into giving Arlene all her money as a big tip and then going to the bathroom where Jessica feeds on her (just a little bit).

Jason and Crystal Norris are in the woods, making out and whispering sweet nothings, when she smells something in the air, gets freaked, says they can’t be together and then runs off. Jason, being a lovable dumbass rocks up at her door the next day with flowers where her fiancée greets him and Crystal denies knowing him.

Lafayette and Jesus (the nurse) go back to his place and make out, then some rednecks start smashing up his new car (one of them is Crystal’s fiancée) and Jesus finds out Lafayette’s a drug dealer and he bails.

Back at the King’s house, Sookie & the King are playing 20 questions; he wants to know what Sookie is, she wants him not to kill Bill (haha – had to get that one in there!). He asks what other powers she has and she says “Once I threw a chain at somebody and it wrapped around their neck like that face thing from Aliens“. She’s hilarious! The King tells Sookie that SB was keeping a dubious file on her and her family tree.

Lorena tortures SB in a twisted S&M type scene. She feeds from him while she’s cutting him open, and they talk about how she is morally devoid and a sadist.

Elsewhere in the mansion, nutjob Franklin is set on making Tara his vampire bride. She’s playing along with him and at his request bites him and feeds from him while they’re having sex. In her mind she’s calling out to Sookie to say that she’s going to get them out of there when morning comes.

Sam discovers that his dodgy trailer trash parents are forcing his brother Tommy to fight as a bulldog in illegal dog fights in Renard Parish. That explains all the scars over Tommy’s body.

The audience can see that Eric is playing up to both the King and his consort (together for 700 years) Talbot. He is subtly playing them off against each other, flirting with Talbot who obviously thinks Eric is a Nordic God and pledging allegiance to and flirting with the King. The King takes Eric to visit Queen Sophie-Anne. In the car he tells Eric that he gives his blood to the wolves so that he can control them. His dream is to unite all supernatural beings and conquer the humans. “What other creature actively destroys their environment.” reminiscing about how the air used to the smell and how the humans used to taste. “Adolph was right about one thing, there is a master race, just not the human race.
You see Sophie-Anne on the floor in her pool house scratching lottery tickets “Mama’s feelin’ lucky tonight!“. The King proposes to her again and she declines asking why she would accept after declining him for the umpteenth time…he says that as well as never touching her, he’ll settle all her debts.

Sophie-Anne admits to framing Eric for selling V. After some coaxing from Eric (he overpowers her and threatens to rip off her head and throw it in the pool) she agrees. It’s getting to daylight. She’s screaming “I want my Hadley.” as Eric takes her away to restrain her. She’s wearing a really cool white pantsuit.

It’s morning and Tara carefully gets out of bed, Franklin sleeping, and bashes his head in with some weird medieval ball thingy. Then she gets into Sookie’s room and together they run. Tara goes to look for a car (runs into Alcide in wolf-form, who then turns into hot naked guy) and Sookie goes to save SB. In the servants quarter’s Lorena is hysterical and let’s Weres Coot & Debbie feed from SB as morning comes. The Weres are high, dancing around outside so Sookie slips in, finds SB barely alive and pledges her love to him, when Lorena steps out behind the shadows, throws Sookie against the wall and then bites into her neck.

End of episode 6.


  1. You worry about the existence and state of bees and yet you watch this! Oh dear or dear. I have my own theory on this stuff but i do have a question. Can vampires drink each others blood? Or they only drink normal peoples then turn them into vampires.

    1. oh you have so much to learn, my young friend. I will take it upon myself to school you in the knowledge of vampire :)>

  2. The weird medieval ball thingy was probably a mace. The Witch-king of the Nazgul swung one at Eowyn, shattering her shield and her arm, but Merry stabbed him in the ankle and saved her and she killed the Witch-king with her sword.

    1. that’s what it’s called! Jay told me after he read my post and called me a noob for not knowing it. “Excuse me for not knowing about El Salvador, like I’m ever going to Spain anyway.”

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