sigh with relief

It’s 3pm on Friday and so basically it’s the weekend!

And today, I finally got work from home (fantastic!), which I havent been able to do in 5 frigging weeks as I’ve been so busy and onsite with projects from hell.

I even got to pop out and pick up something for Gracie’s birthday, which isn’t til next week, but her party is Saturday night. And I picked up a cute little book for new Mummy-to-be Lindy, who’s due in January!

Last night I felt like cooking something fabulous for Jay, so that it would be ready when he came home, like a good little 1950’s housewife (and before I had to embark on reviewing another god-knows-what-version of technical documentation for work).

This is how the process went….

Let’s have a look at what we’ve got in the fridge….

whats this you say

I marginally remembered to capture the cooking process…I was happily singing away to James Taylor, drinking my glass of red & using my Le Chasseur grill. 

roast veggies

And here is the finished product….

pork sirloin with roast veggies

I’ve also just discovered the most amazing chocolate…Cafe-Tasse from Belgium. Chocolate Fin Artisanal. You can get it from David Jones in their fine food section (Sydney City store). It’s expensive at $7 a bar for 45g, but it really is absolute heaven and you know what they say about quality over quantity!

white chocolate extraordinaire
too good to resist

Tonight we are going to the movies! Yay! (I havent been since Twilight with Mandy weeks ago) We are seeing Inception which is the new DiCaprio movie written & directed by Christopher Nolan who is excellent with dark psychological thrillers (Momento, The Dark Knight, Insomnia, The Prestige).

After a few very tense weeks, I’m feeling life is back to normal. And it’s good.

2 thoughts on “sigh with relief

  1. I love Caffe Tassie chocolate! I haven’t tried the white, only the milk.

    Have you tried Govindas? That’s also expensive, like $8.50 a bar or something outrageous but it’s oh so good. I shall buy you some! There’s big stores in Hawaii but they sell it in DJs too.

    If I ever move out of Sydney, DJs food hall is one of the things I will miss most.

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