| white out |

I am a fan of white. I love love love the colour (well, technically not a colour, but who’s checking?)! I have always wanted my house to be purely white, ever since I visited a place my older cousin Lyndon was housesitting when I was in my late teens – it was so beautiful; a big Queenslander home, dark wooden floorboards throughout with every surface, cupboard, sofa, bedspread all white. It was so etherial. Some people might think it boring or hard to keep clean, but I think it’s versatile (you can add splashes of colour where you wish, like wall art), relaxing and worth the extra cleaning!

Here are some beautiful white things I am in love with at present…

Interior Design by Philippe Starck
white bedroom retreat

 White homewears (all from whiteport.com.au)

Penelope Servers
Sagamore tablecloth
Envirosax linen shopper
Hamptons Butlers Tray
Cedarville bedlinen
My favourite candles (from DJs, Candelabra.com.au, Moonlightcandles.com.au) are Ecoya. I find the scents are divine and the soy wax enables them to burn evenly without leaving wax around the sides.

Ecoya Candles
And from clever artistry of Caroline Swift


porcelain leaves

white muslin dress
Bone China tea lights
And of course snow white would be proud
Kristin Stewart
Gwyenth Paltrow
Jessica Biel
Angelina Jolie
Cameron Diaz
Demi Moore
Kate Bosworth
Nicole Kidman

And to finish off the images of this ice-white fairyland; the supermodel goddess herself….

Amber Valletta

One thought on “| white out |

  1. I love all this white! You would probably really like this sweedish site. http://meandalice.blogspot.com/ Only some of the stuff is translated into English but this chic has a beautiful white home!

    I love those hammered white tea light holders and I love ecology candles – especially french pear, as previously discussed 🙂

    I also like that brand Ecology in Myer and DJs that sells beautiful white crockery.

    And I love how good Cameron Diaz always looks in white. She knows it’s the colour to make her pop and she works it!

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