this week’s top 15

My week’s highlights in bullet form (because you know I’m a sucker for point-form):

  1. monthly Mandy sleepover!
  2. receiving a gift of Cavendish House Chocolate-covered Macadamias and Swan Bay Pinot Noir, from my gorgeous Welsh gal pal
  3. reading my husband’s long overdue blog (see my Blogroll for his link)
  4. getting an email from Sal & Matt, a lovely couple we met at Tokoriki
  5. drinking coffee out of my new sustainable coffee mug (and taking a photo of myself in the lift at work drinking from it and sending it to Jay who thought it was hilarious!)
  6. having a few hours to chat and catchup with Tam (and on her birthday!)
  7. seeing Eclipse for the second time. Team Edward all the way!
  8. getting a letter in the mail from Mum & Col in Thailand, just because she wanted to write on the fancy hotel stationary!
  9. receiving a post reply from my fave foodie blogger Not Quite Nigella!
  10. getting delivery of our giant war club we bought in Fiji! its an awesome killing tool so watchout burglers…
  11. a mid-week dinner of Heirloom Tomato Salad with bacon, halloumi, Spanish Onion, toasted Turkish bread, basil and aged balsamic (adapted from a NQN recipe)
  12. being rugged up, sitting on the couch with the sun streaming through the window, drinking peppermint tea
  13. seeing my cousin Jess with her friends, happy in the 37 °C German summer, camping on a giant sand dune!
  14. Jay bringing me orange lillies (lilium bulbiferum), which apparently mean hatred or death, but I think the official meaning of flowers are stupid because all the flowers I love are mostly associated with death! I LOVE that my husband bought me flowers for no reason 🙂 he is precious. and those people who work out the meaning of flowers are idiots.
  15. ending the week with a bowl of popcorn watching ToyStory3 in 3D



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