giddy with glee

The coolest thing happened today – my favourite Foodie Blogger, Not Quite Nigella, posted a comment on my blog!!!

Now, I’m kinda ashamed, because the comment was to a post that was pretty dreadful (rushed, half-arsed & not my best) so I am hoping she doesn’t think too poorly of my lame attempt of food blogging considering in my opinion she’s the best food blogger in cyberspace, but I AM SO EXCITED that she actually went to my blog that it was kind of a “celebrity sighting moment” and the excitement drowns out my own feelings of inadequacy 😉

So, thanks NQN for commenting! (not that your reading this post…)

To curb future embarrassment, I will endeavour to remember to record the names & prices of the menu items and have more culinary descriptions of the food…..

Check out Lorraine’s gastronomic adventures at

i heart NQN


  1. Good Girl Mum! That’s really great. You are a pretty good blogger! And I often think people should be reading about your thoughts and experiences. And not only are people reading but the right ones’! She’s probably getting ideas of places to go so soon you’ll be seeing your restaurants on her blog! ah ah Awesome!

  2. Yes this rocks. She is the best food blogger in all the land! We’ll be much more diligent about recording our choices, the prices etc.

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