pepper lunch

Im not sure if its a translation thing, but Pepper Lunch is the name of the little Japanese eatery that my friend Aaron has been raving about for the past year…so after the movies on Saturday night (where I watched Eclipse and Jay watched me be hysterically excited as I watched Eclipse while at the same time watching it himself ) we walked past Pepper Lunch and popped in there for a late-ish dinner (not lunch).


bright lights & table delights


Its a bright shop on George St, Sydney just down from the movies.
You order what you want from the counter by choosing from the pictures on the overhead menu.
The concept; they take different cuts of meat (you choose waygu or strip or sirloin) and place it on a piping-hot cast iron grill bowl with veggies and serve it at your table where you turn the meat over, add condiments and cook it to your liking. Its served with steamed rice & possibly the best miso I have had.

Like all good Japanese fare; its cheap (about $15 per person), really tasty and wildly entertaining!

Jay orders Shimofuri Pepper Steak $18.80 and I have the Waygu Steak $15

Waygu Steak $15
The instructions that come with your piping hot plate are as follows:
“Steak & Hamburger Steak – Hurry! Turn it over! You can cook both sides of your steak on the place as the beef is raw. When the steak is ready, please put a steak sauce (Amakuchi or Karakuchi) on it. You can place the cooked steak on vegetables so that it will not be overcooked. You can also cook the vegetables on the plate. Then you can taste it with a steak sauce.”
Arigatou Gozaimusu!
| Pepper Lunch | Shop 10 Meriton Tower | 537-551 George St Sydney | 02 9264 3222 |

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