june dinner club

On a freezing winter’s night last week was our June Dinner Club with the Jackson’s.

We’ve gone 360 degrees and come back ’round to Ian’s turn; Satang Thai in Chinatown.

So far, we’ve been to fancy French, out of control Africa, a Schnitzel explosion and long-table Italian. Our first foray into Thai was yummy, cheap & cheerful.

Testament to how popular Satang is,  there is the original hole-in-the-wall store across the street which still serves take-away, in addition to it’s new-ish dine-in restaurant that opened in May 2009.

Ian meet us at the car after stalking us in the cold as we do a couple of loops around the block before Jay finally listens to me and parks in an outdoor $15 parking lot [roll eyes here]. The staff are really friendly as we enter and make our way upstairs to where Janine is patiently waiting.

Our evening is punctuated by delicious food arriving as we talk and catchup.

We share starters of Satay Chicken Skewers (which are warm and peanuty), Chicken & Corn Fritters (delicious little morsels that have the texture of fish cakes) and chilli black mussels (which are chewy, spicy and smothered in a coriander fish sauce dressing). 

Jay orders the Kabao Moo Krob which is stir-fry crispy pork belly with chilli, garlic & hot basil.

Kapao Moo Krob $14.50

Janine had Stir Fried Seafood with lemongrass, ginger and Thai basil.

Seafood Spectacular

Ian has something which I almost dont catch as I pry away his fork for 2 seconds to take a picture….its something spicy with pork…

crispy chilli pork

And I thoroughly enjoy Crispy Chicken with Cashews & Water Chestnuts

mmm chicken

We drink it with Green & Jasmine Tea (let down by bags and not loose-leaf) but come out with smiles as the damage is only $25 per person!

Im a cute little teapot....

Even in the freezing cold, we need dessert, so take a short freezing stroll to Darling Harbour Cold Rock for delicious combos (my favourite: Honeycomb with Bounty, Caramello Koala & Gummybears).

Cold Rock Ice Creamery

Another lovely night out with the Awesome-eating-foursome!


Satang Thai | 20 Quay St, Haymarket | 02 9212 5885

Satang Thai, Haymarket

3 thoughts on “june dinner club

  1. The pork belly was a bit sickly near the end. I got rushed to order and paid the price for indecision I guess. Everybody else’s food looked great though.

    1. Poor Jay, we’ll give you more time to order next month. However I only feel slightly sorry for you. Your choice for dinner club made me feel sick for days. I still can’t look at a snitzel.

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