five reasons i cant go to sleep yet

I really should be in bed. Asleep. Assisting my body in resisting premature aging. But instead Im fully dressed at the dining table. At 11.30pm.

These are the reasons I cant go to sleep yet.

  1. I had to finish work that I didnt get done today. Detailed Designs were reviewed & sent to my customer.
  2. I had to finish a blog that I started on Tuesday last week.
  3. Im upset that it’s 4th July holiday in America and they didnt release a new True Blood episode for the week.
  4. Jay keeps talking to me and showing me stuff online so I cant leave the lounge room!!!

I just realised how much I am raving. I am sleep deprived and will log off now. I think Im technology-dependant. I wonder if that’s an actual modern day psychological symptom.

5.      I have to say one more thing….Happy Birthday Tamara Lee Dawes nee Esau!!!!  So glad I got to see you today! xx

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