my long weekend’s greatest hits

Ahhhh….how good is the feeling of HOLIDAYS!!! This long weekend (courtesy of one of the Queens supposed birthdays) marked the beginning of my 2 week mid-year break.

Jay & I are off to Fiji tomorrow (mmmm, warm weather here I come) but not to discount the first days of my break, here are the highlights of my 3-day weekend:

  • late brekkie at our fave Glebe haunt (Flammin); poached eggs, mushrooms & spinach on turkish toast (for me) & big brekkie (for Jay)
  • haircut and gossip in Pyrmont
  • movies (The A-Team; surprisingly really awesome) & burgers for dinner
  • lunch at the pub with Jay & Ian (the BEST cider ever + UFC on the big screen)
  • mani (hot pink) & pedi (orange) in Broadway
  • cooking for the boys for World Cup
  • Glee season finale (can’t do better than a Journey medley)
  • brunch with Jay & Ian
  • ding dong, the witch is dead!!!! yeehaaa Gracie!
  • TRUE BLOOD season 3 episode 1!!!!  cant explain how awesome it was! naked Eric! Bill/Sam dreams! so funny, so genius!
  • Starbucks & sushi in the city
  • upgraded holiday accommodation – our very own pool villa!
  • suitcases packed & awaiting liftoff

So, I’m pretty sure I will be popping in a blog or few while I’m away. We both work in IT so as if we wouldnt be taking our mini-laptop (the tablet) with us! Til, then…

One thought on “my long weekend’s greatest hits

  1. OMG Melly!! I always said that when I die I want to come back as my daughter (cos she seems to have the best life ever) but now .. Its YOU! What a wonderful weekend – ahhhh Have a fabulous time in Fiji hugs to JayJay xx

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