suffering winter solstice

I am making a vow not to be grumpy, whingy and under the weather during winter. My left-brain tells me its silly to be affected so severely by the weather (temperament vs temperature) so even though there is something called Seasonal Affective Disorder, I am instead:

  • going to enjoy smelling the rain when it falls, day after day
  • be happy being wrapped up like a snug bug in a rug
  • drink warming liquids like green tea, hot chocolate with marshmellows and warm milk
  • enjoy making comfort food like pies and casseroles
  • feel great in my tights, boots and trench
  • warm my hands in Jay’s pockets
  • love the sun setting early; it makes the after-work time feel longer
  • be happy that I have an excuse to wear my cool leather gloves
  • have an excuse to buy sheepskin (in the form of Uggboots)
  • visit the Blue Mountains
  • relish in the colour of the season – grey! (grey bag, grey cardis, grey jumpers, grey scarves, grey boots, etc)
  • snuggle under the blankets
  • enjoy my morning walks along Glebe Harbour in a different light…ie the pre-dawn, being rugged up like the a snow elf and seeing my breath in the air
  • feel good that I can wear all black outfits without people asking me where the funeral is or if Im turning goth (most people just dont get the colour of fashion…)

something majestic & wintery this way comes...One Tree Hill, Auckland


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