Melly thinks;

  • it’s wonderful to have packages arrive at work. It’s like my birthday when it’s not!
  • she finds her Mother amusing. advice on what to do in the event of a hangover is an interesting topic of conversation from your Mum on a Monday morning!
  • Jay is pretty awesome
  • it’s nice to have a new work mate, Jeff, who loves cooking and talking about culinary delights
  • that she really really wants Chanel No 5
  • Japanese is THE perfect food
  • that she’s excited that there are only 6 sleeps til the new season of True Blood!
  • in 8 sleeps she’ll be on a beach, sand in her toes, salt in her hair, sunscreen on her face and cocktail in her hand saying ‘Bula’ to everyone!!!
  • Rimmel nail polish #8 in orange will be the colour on her toes for the next few weeks
  • she has slight phone envy for Jay’s new HTC Desire. it is pretty.
  • she hopes Jay get’s her a “happy holiday” pressie
  • her new coffee plunger is her new friend
  • that she will go see the new Aussie movie Animal Kingdom this week
  • winter light streaming through the trees is truely beautiful and calming to the soul
afternoon sunlight through the trees

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