31 things I love about Gracie

So my friend Gracie is unusually high maintenance!  I say unusually because she is the least pretentious person I know, but that doesn’t stop her from throwing the odd tanty, usually about me not calling her or mentioning her in my blog.  So here it is….31 things I love about Miss Grace Ellen McLean. And all before her 32nd birthday!

  1. we’ve been friends for over 2o years and in all that time she’s been the definition of a good friend.
  2. she’s got a beautiful soul. she’ll send little “thinking of you” gifts or cards to her friends and lets you know that you’re special to her.
  3. I trust that she’ll never bitch about me behind my back.
  4. she has nice shiny hair.
  5. she can tell when I’m shitty and I can tell when she’s shitty, so it makes awkward conversations avoidable.
  6. she’s fun.
  7. she has this inner light about her that draws people to her and opens people’s hearts. I think it’s because she’s just a really good person.
  8. she loves the same foods as me (except that she hates gherkins).
  9. we have little snack parties; usually on the floor, sitting on the bench in the kitchen or lying outside under the sky
  10.  like me, she likes finding new and random music artists that we share a love for
  11.  she loves to quote The Little Prince (Le Petit Prince)
  12.  she has great sisters, especially Anna who is also a lot of fun
  13.  we have D&M conversations but we also laugh and be silly together
  14.  she’s pretty. and she has beautiful grey-blue eyes.
  15.  she loves animals
  16.  she loves humans
  17.  she’ll go to extraordinary lengths to hang out with a friend (ie driving down the freeway / flying to America)
  18.  she’s pretty fearless.
  19.  she can do a really good accent
  20.  like me, she appreciates the inner-soul time; we’ve had many adventures to “find ourselves” which not a lot of other people understand
  21.  she can be a little rebellious, which I can appreciate, and she usually doesn’t apologise for it.
  22.  she helps me be a better person. I have no doubt Id be a complete and utter bitch if she wasnt my friend.
  23.  she’s very emotional. she will cry at the drop of a hat. which I think is adorable.
  24.  she has this unwavering belief in and love for God, and she doesn’t hide it or try to force it down anyone’s throat
  25.  she has the most random cross-section of friends. it’s very strange. but pretty admirable.
  26.  she is intelligent. she loves to read and learn new things and we have really good conversations.
  27.  she’s a good cook.
  28.  she’s a complete hoon behind the wheel, and sometimes I fear for my life, which could also be something I don’t like about her! but generally it gives me a bit of a buzz!
  29.  she’s addicted to coffee. she’s the 3rd Gilmore Girl! (we tie in third place)
  30.  she’s spontaneous.
  31.  she knows all about my inner demons but still, she loves me anyway.


So there it is. 31 interesting facts about my beautiful and amazing friend Grace.
I’m lucky to know her.

4 thoughts on “31 things I love about Gracie

  1. She came to my house one morning and did the washing up and came with us to Tuggerah! A lifesaving moment that I’ll never forget.

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