live together or die alone








Yesterday at 2pm AEST the season finale of Lost was broadcast simultaneously around the world.  Last night we downloaded it in HD (3Gb) then Jay & I watched with baited breathe and tears (mainly me, although I did see a slight dewing in his eyes) as we watched our favourite TV series come to an end.

Cast-Away meets Survivor meets Lord of the Flies with a sprinkling of metaphysics, quantum physics, religion and destiny thrown in for luck. Lost definitely was original. And confusing. And utterly addictive.

I didnt think we’d get all the answers, and so said the Lost creators JJ Abrams, Damon Lindelof & Carlton Cuse, but we would get some answers. And we did, although a lot remains for us to dwell on and obsess about for the next how-ever many years…

Season 1: The crash that started it all.
Season 2: What’s in the hatch?
Season 3: Captured by The Others.
Season 4: The freighter and The Oceanic Six.
Season 5: When are we?
Season 6: Answers and The End.

Jack: “I dont believe in destiny.”
Locke: “Yes you do. You just don’t know it yet.”

doomsday formulae

 A show about Destiny. And leadership. And relationships. And time travel, torture, synchronicity, Skinner boxes, geodesic domes, polar bears, doomsday equations, comic books, the Casimir effect, the Light, evil, good, flash-forwards, flash-backs and flash-sideways.

Hidden clues were everywhere (as well as odes to Lost from other TV shows – Flashfoward):

 Jack & Kate, Juliet & Sawyer, Sun & Jin, Hurley & Libby, Saeed & Shannon, Daniel & Charlotte…these are some of the relationships that we fell in love with.

So, with teary happiness Lost is over. It ended where it began.

See you in another life, brother.”

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