friends with benefits

Saturday night: Scented candles, coloured lanterns & the smell of food cooking in the oven….Gracie, Rob, Neen and a newly 31 y.o Ian arrived for dinner.

Novocastrians arrived late due to kicking a soul goal on their way down by helping out a panic stricken young lass broken down in the rain in Lindfield, but all good when they finally arrived – I was well into my first mammoth glass of red and the conversation with the Jacksons is always good value. 

I didnt go to too much fuss for dinner (no advanced recipes or anything, apart from the dessert) – so we had a cheese platter for starters with a nice Norweigan blue and King Island brie.  Main was chicken maryanne stuffed with fresh sage, lemon zest & chilli butter, fresh made spinach & ricotta cannelloni served with a side of crisp green beans.  We managed to polish off 4 bottles of red wine, a bottle of white and a bottle of dessert sticky!  I think we were all happily sloshed.

Deep and meaningful conversations on the existence of God and Quantum Entanglement, accompanied Dessert which was cheesecake (Oma’s receipe) served with strawberries and fresh raspberry coulis, and just for extra indulgence, tiramisu; which I hadnt made before, but is now one of my fave desserts ever!  I read a few receipes on it (from Giada De Laurentis, Gordon Ramsey and Taste) and then concocted my own.  The results are below:

We finished the night with a couple of games of Taboo, in which the girls kicked arse, until the guys developed a pseudo-cheating strategy drawing on our fantastic female ability to talk non-stop. We have to give them props for being able to use it to their advantage…however else will a man get ahead with three wonderful intuitive Godesses as wives/girlfriends??!!!

I promised Gracie that I would dedicate a blog to her  but not this one…Im working on something special for Miss “its all about me”!!!

Sunday we had brekkie at Cafe Morso (bowl of coffee $5, bortolli bean & ham hock cassoulet with poached eggs & grilled sourdough $13.50)  in Pyrmont with Rob’s cousin before they headed out for an adventure day and we headed to the evil dungeons of Bunnings, then home to a warm doona, freshly baked cookies and new episodes of The Good Wife. I was going to cook a lamb roast for dinner, but my newly aquired flu wouldnt let me move from the couch – C’est la vie

3 thoughts on “friends with benefits

  1. Just to straighten things up. Given the title. It was a fine swingers event and sure to make a recurrence shortly in the calendar year….

  2. Oh no, are your poor tonsills ok? Ian stayed home sick yesterday too.

    Great night, great dinner and yay for the borlotti bean & ham hock cassoulet at Cafe Morso. My favourite!!

  3. Fabulous night, That chicken and dessert was AMAZING, i didn’t realise there was cheese. I can’t believe I helped that silly girl and missed out on Cheese…. She’ll never even know the sacrifice! 😦 Twas a lovely night. XO

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