25 more brilliant observations

  • spiders don’t drown, (this amazing fact observed after the arachnid emerged 24 hours after being trapped in its watery grave Ie; completely submerged in a jar of water)
  • according to Mandy, possums like to eat garden herbs
  • if Mrs Ashby from school was in fact a vampire, she would definitely have eaten Jay and his friends because they made her cry on more than one occasion. and we couldn’t begrudge her that.
  • ‘Lost’ is almost too awesome. I have no idea how it’s going to end, and even though its totally frustrating I love being completely in the dark one episode to the next. Though, I am thinking how in the hell will JJ wrap everything up in a pretty bow in only 2 more episodes?
  • according to multiple taxi drivers, because I’m friendly, I mustn’t be from Sydney – I have to be a country girl. That fact that Newcastle technically isn’t a ‘country town’ doesn’t seem to matter .
  • grey is THE coolest colour in my wardrobe
  • double dates are exciting! Robin Hood movie & dinner with Aaron & Mel tonight will be fun!
  • Jenny at work has a Very Large Forehead
  • it’s only 33 sleeps til True Blood season 3
  • damn the international shipping. I still havent received my grey leather bag. damn damn damn
  • whoops, I just downloaded 5gb of shows in peak. Jays going to commit murder.
  • I love show folk – Glee is awesome!
  • Color Me Badd is an old distinguished buddy that I have just rediscovered in the interweb filing cabinet; having dusted off the 90s tarnish, I am now listening to it with fervour (do the hot tick tock you dont stop start)
  • Jay is very amusing. very.
  • people who stand in the middle of the escalator are inconsiderate and deserve to be eaten by the monster’s metal teeth (Tam will like this one)
  • according to Jay, Ole’ dirty Superbowl in Chinatown is tha shit!
  • Jay loves Don’t Stop Believin’ by Journey/Glee cast!
  • headaches follow too many glasses of wine
  • Jay doesnt like to wear pants
  • Jay likes to interrupt me with his own accounts of what I should observe & record on my blog…
  • the idea of jeans shopping today, fills me with sudden dread
  • next week will be a social frenzy in the Williams household
  • Libiamo makes really good woodfired pizza
  • Seth Graheme-Smith is my new favourite author
  • these nights are freezing, but my bed and doona are ‘lovely, dark and deep. But I have promises to keep. And miles to go before I sleep.’

2 thoughts on “25 more brilliant observations

  1. I used to hate people who stood in the middle of the escalator or on the wrong side of the escalator. Now I do it all the time because I take up a lot of width with children attached to my sides. I have to make sure they don’t get eaten by the teeth when we all get off.

  2. I don’t mind people standing the middle of escalators, as long as they don’t mind a swift knee to the spine and a short elbow to the teeth…..

    I love Chuck Liddell!!!!

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