locked hearts and hand grenades

having my Mum live in another state is not fun.

firstly, there’s the obvious distance, which proves challenging when I really need a hug / face2face chat / shopping time, secondly I don’t agree with her living in another state away from ME and her NEW husband just for something as stupid as work, thirdly my brother who is geographically closeby but is ginormously unappreciative of her being around (quite frankly, he can be a total arse), and finally Perth isnt a place you live in (a good holiday destination, yes, but how can one survive in a state that doesnt have discernable seasons).

now I did have many good ideas for my mother’s day present, but for various reasons they didnt work out (impossible to find a good masseur that wasnt in a shopping centre or sports physio, cant send anything like a tea-set cause it would break in the mail or add extra stuff to her ever expanding pile of stuff she’ accumulating, she doesnt like handcreams, etc) so I bought a small pretty Japanese incense set from my fave little Japanese gift store (for those who know me, know I adore insense) to go along with this book I bought that Grace told me about (had to visit 3 Borders/Dymocks stores to get it as it was sold out everywhere) called “from mum to me” which is like this family history/scrapbook that you give to your Mum and they fill it out with memories, quotes, stories, etc and then give it back to you as a keepsake. I think its beautiful and sentimental. But the stupid Australia Post didnt get it there til the day AFTER Mothers day, and then apparently the insense smells like a wood burning oven… so due to having no presents, a fight with my inconsiderate brother and a mammoth toothache, my Mum’s day was total shit.

so here are some phrases I should have said to Mum on Mother’s day….auf deutsch….

  • Ich liebe dich soviel
  • Sie sind die beste Mutter in der Welt
  • Sie sind immer auf meinem Verstand
  • Ich trage Sie in meinem Herzen
  • Ich bin das glücklichste Mädchen in der Welt für Haben Sie als Mutter
  • Ich werde für Haben einer Mutter wie Sie gesegnet
  • Meine größten Umarmungen sind Ihre
this heart belongs to Lizzie

3 thoughts on “locked hearts and hand grenades

  1. Here I am, sitting at work, with tears rolling down my cheeks, upon reading what can only be music to my ears, beautiful words from a incredably very special lady – my daughter. I AM the most LUCKY mum in the world to have YOU in my life. I am sorry that I am not there for you, to give you a hug when you need one, or when I need one for that matter (and that can be often, it is lonely here). I miss our daughter/mother talks, shopping trips, movies, and our special times together, just our – us time . Hang in there tho, it won’t be long. Your never ever far from my thoughts, and I always smile when I think of you (and Jay). I am truely honoured and so Proud to have such a wonderful, inteligent, lovely lady as my daughter. I love you – Mum xoxox

  2. This is a PS, Just to let you know the book “Mum to Me” is fantastic, I love it and I am so glad you are getting me to do this now, because at my “age” Alzheimer’s sets in, and the memory can be a little fuzzy at times. Looking through it, has brought so many memories back to me, and I am looking forward in writing to you, via this book. Many hours of love and toil will be had in writing my thoughts down, but oh what fun I shall have. I only hope I won’t disappoint. I can never write as well as you, but will have fun, non the less

  3. Welcome! Thank you for subscribing to follow my blog. I hope you are encouraged, inspired and enjoy the photos I take of life’s events as seen through the lens of my camera.

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