you and me and five bucks

Bydd yn rhaid cael diwrnod bendigedig. Diolch yn fawr!

Thats what my gorgeous friend Mandy wrote to me in Welsh this morning. It roughly translates to her wishing me a good day.

Last night was our monthly sleepover. We met at the Local for a drink, and suddenly two hours of conversation had passed. We went to pick up some $5 Thai…which was really truely good. And for five bucks per dish (us girls had Pad Thai and we picked up Pad See Ew Beef for Jay) you cant go wrong.

Which brings me to a solidifying realisation that I really love Glebe. Its so eclectic and is a foodie haven – you cant swing a cat down Glebe Pt Rd without bumping into an deliciously interesting ethnic restaurant or book-lovers cosy cafe. Its so exciting! Im going to have to eat my way down Glebe Point Road! It’s a mission, And I choose to accept it!

(if you didnt know….this blogs title is a line from one of my favourite movies ‘Reality Bites’)


  1. …better come with some sucky-sucky for that 5 dollars…

    No really, I was impressed. $1 can of drink too!!! Perfect!

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