31 brilliant observations

Einstein....the other great thinker
  1. Rick Stein’s voice goes up at the end of each sentence;  just like Aussies do
  2. Jay’s whingeing is proportionate to the amount of lapsed time since his last meal
  3. Melly’s cheerful demeanour is directly related to the number of stupid questions she gets asked during the day
  4. cheese = happiness
  5. split ends are the most noticable when bored on a conference call
  6. Possums and cats do not like each other
  7. Not Quite Nigella is a really cool blog
  8. a red sock will almost always end up in the whites load
  9. Moths have an osmosis type exterior. how else could they possibly end up in the unequivocally-airtight flour jar?
  10. the macho looking drug dealer who lives across the street is quite possibly gay
  11. the number formatting of this list is très gay
  12. KIT nail polish is longer lasting than OPI (case & point: 3 weeks for atomic orange)
  13. routers only break when the William’s IT support is unavailable
  14. Grace doesnt like previously mentioned nail colour – atomic orange
  15. Melly loves Amanda Seyfried like she loves tacos
  16. If you walk into a movie on time, you’ll have to sit in a crappy seat down the front
  17. coffee is good
  18. coffee from Valhalla is really good
  19. coffee from Morso is great
  20. the colder it gets in the mornings, the less people are out doing the Glebe Bay walk
  21. girls should not wear horizontally striped cardigans. Unless they have bodies like supermodels.
  22. red satin & leather shoes are cute
  23. ricotta is creamy, velvety goodness that makes everything yummy
  24. shin-splints are painful
  25. Himalayan food is underrated
  26. Juzzy’s in love and the things he comes out with are too funny for words
  27. grey leather bags are way_too_cool
  28. Mands makes Melly laugh
  29. earrings from ‘Creations by Juliann’ are the new favourite!
  30. the corniest line in the universe is at the end of the film ‘Letters to Juliet’ (“can you move?”…”only my lips”)
  31. popcorn and lollies does not a dinner make

2 thoughts on “31 brilliant observations

  1. Yesterday at lunch I went and bought a couple of new hoodies. Then came back, read your blog and thought…hmmm…should I perhaps return the two jumpers I bought as they are horizontally striped, Lol.

    1. Uh-Oh!!! That observation was because I saw this gorgeous woman at the movies on Wednesday night, with a really cool black outfit (leggings, tunic, heeled boots) and then this hideous stripy long cardi that made her look mega!
      Im sure you will look beautiful 🙂
      If not, thats what receipts are for! 😉

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