| insomnia |


With tired eyes, tired minds, tired souls, we slept.

There is a newborn baby somewhere in the vicinity and its killing me.

The vicinity of my bedroom.

It doesn’t seem to be a happy baby, because it_(and when I mean “it” I mean he/she)_is_constantly_crying. At 11pm, at 1.30am, at 3am, at 5am, and yet still at 6am.  

It is  unrelenting. A sleep deprivation machine.

I don’t know this for certain, but I assume that I am the only person not related to it (I mean he/she), that is affected by it (I mean he/she).   I am its pseudo mother.
I may as well be up breastfeeding and singing it back to sleep (and yep, I can hear the Dad singing to it at the aforementioned times). Which it only seems to do randomly.

Jay doesn’t hear it at all. He doesn’t even hear it when I wake him up to shut the sliding door with his foot. And I can still hear it, faintly, through the closed-door.

My questions are:

  • why don’t the family shut the bloody windows?
  • why am I the only person in the Williams’  household that hears the little creature?**
  • when will it grow out of this incessant insomnia?
  • why does the father think the entire Beatles repertoire will lullaby he/she back to sleep?

I understand pain. I understand stress. I can deal with most things in a rational manner. But this baby is killing my dreamtime. I am definitely not ready to have a baby of my own. Im not in the same ballpark, hemisphere, universe or solar system.

I honestly thought Jay’s snoring was the worst noise to cut through the circadian rhythms, but this baby is something else. 

**Jay, in all his Freudian wisdom, thinks that Im the only one to hear it because its my maternial instincts kicking in. What.Ever.

3 thoughts on “| insomnia |

  1. It’s a proven fact! Women are more sensitive to the sound of a crying baby. Especially around that time of the month…..FACT

  2. you make me laugh.

    When your new born arrives, Oh it will be so, so different. Those sleepless nights won’t matter, the love you will have for your newborn will overcome everything. Time stands still and you cherish each and every moment

    Love prevails

  3. How can I not giggle? Buy some ear plugs. And realise that Jay’s lack of response is exactly the way it will go when there is a baby crying in the room right next to him.

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