Melly, yet again, thinks;

  • Grays Anatomy is stupid
  • Top Gear is awesome
  • Gracie is special (not spethial)
  • Nestle Diet Chocolate Mousse is a heavenly gift from the Gods
  • her new project sucks balls
  • the stupid volcano has played havoc with overseas shipping. All her online purchases are mega delayed. Oh the tragedy!
  • Bieber fever is ridiculous and overrated and everyone should remember how old they are and just focus on something else.
  • its weird that James & Nat are going to be parents.
  • its only 49 sleeps til Fiji!!!
  • Starbucks is way better than GloriaJeans. No matter what anyone says.
  • Snuggies are ridiculous and if you own one youre an idiot and you dont deserve to have a TV. Or a phone. Or a credit card. Seriously.
  • that she might actually watch the Logies this year….Yay for quality Aussie TV! (Underbelly)
  • she’s happy that Dan is OK and wishes him luck during recovery.
  • that IronMan2 will be awesome!
  • its possible the MD hair removal system is the best thing since sliced bread. Or waxing. Or shaving. (definitely better than Epilady)
  • she’s excited about her date with Gracie next week to see the premier of  ‘Letters to Julia’
  • the beef, chorizo, winter vegetable & red wine stew she made for dinner was divine. Accompanied by olive pana di casa bread….mmmmm yummmy
  • her new laptop ROCKS!

3 thoughts on “Melly, yet again, thinks;

  1. You know on Reality Bites when Winona Ryder says seriously, “Melrose Place is a really good show”? GREY’S ANATOMY IS A REALLY GOOD SHOW and Jesse Williams is really hot. I can put up with the stupid to get the pretty.

    1. mmmph…well, I’ll take your distinguished word on that Tam! Is Jesse Williams the guy with the amazing eyes? Yes, I agree his is hot. And when did Torres get a girlfriend, and when did the Chief become an alco and McDreamy become chief, and why is Meridith’s stupid sister still on the show, and dont you think that its weird that her sister is even a doctor considering that they share a father and not a brilliant surgeon mother???? I havent watched it forever…

      1. If they shared a mother, no one could refer to her as “Little Grey.” The show has been floundering this season and it is weird that Izzie and George are gone. It seems that they are trying to fill the void by introducing a hundred new characters. Meredith, Cristina and Alex are always gold; the rest are superflous except Dr “Pretty Eyes” Avery.

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