better than good, its grand

Thank God its Friday!!! 

Hip hip horray for looong weekends! Although we have to remember what the long weekend is in rememberance of…those fallen ANZACs who gave their lives so that we are still speaking English today and not German or Japanese, which actually wouldnt be that bad, but anyway – HORRAY for

  • freedom, and not having to live in fear of shrapnel with our cornflakes
  • heartwarming stories of men in trenches,
  • being proud to have grandparents / great grandparents that served our country**,
  • wearing rosemary on our lapels,
  • eating ANZAC cookies,
  • Irish coffee at 5am,
  • an actual public holiday, unlike last year
  • being Australian

I am very much looking forward to my weekend of sun, fun & frivolity, punctuated by the Dawn Service in Martin Place (dragging Jay out of bed at 4am will be interesting). Later, while Jay is off with his mates playing two-up & getting extremely drunk, rowdy and patriotic, I will be with my cousin Tim watching whatever 18 year olds like to watch at the movies these days…ie probably just my type of movie considering I am 32 going on 17…

** in my case, I have both sets of family war veterans: my GreatGrandfather on my Dads side fought as an ANZAC in Gallipoli, and his brother is buried in Flanders Fields, as well as my Oma worked in a Nazi factory during WWII making missile bombs for the German Bomber aircrafts (dont judge until your the one staring down the literal barrel of a rifle of either working for the Naziis or going to a concentration camp and never seeing your family again).

One thought on “better than good, its grand

  1. And your Oma’s Uncle died serving his country (Germany) on a war ship, bombed by his own. Your Opa was also in a concentration camp for many years, eating nothing but raw potatoes.
    On your Fathers side, many of his relatives were ANZAC’s fighting for NZ
    God loves them all.
    Happy ANZAC day, and yes drag Jay out at 4 am, I will go most probably up to Kings Park early in the morning

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