gefallene Schnitzelsoldaten

We walked in like soldiers going into battle;
heads held high, backs straight with fortitudinous anticipation.

Little did we know that 60 minutes later we would be cowering to the Gods of failure, shroud in defeat.

Yes. The schnitzel challenge would be the end of us all.


Austrian Schnitzelhaus : two.
Jay & Ian : zero.


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6 thoughts on “gefallene Schnitzelsoldaten

  1. Quite funny! I’m slightly amazed at the defeated status of Jay, how is it possible. I think he has let the whole samoan race down by not being able to finish. When he was so so so close. I cna’t believe it. Maybe if he had used the words… Yum Yum Cabanossi, he might’ve made it through. Oh the what ifs. And then the big question is… How many points is that? Does it mean he can’t eat for a week, will he even want to?
    So close yet so far!

    Mel you look like you’ve lost weight in the face. Pretty picture! 😀 XOXO

    1. I KNOW!!! I was in utter disbelief that he couldnt finish! Neen said I was an overbearing coach, or something to that effect, but obviously my powers of persuasion didnt exactly work!! Jay will have to live with the fact that the Schnitzelhaus wall is covered in skinny white people who have finished ahead of him! not an Islander in sight!
      Althought, in my beautiful husband’s defence, it wasnt the volume of food that did him in…it was the fried batter! He even wanted dessert….
      As for points…about a week’s worth! I had a day’s worth on my plate and I had a quarter of what he ate!
      Wonder if Rob could do any better????

  2. How many chickens make that amount of schnitzel? Assuming that it is made from real chickens, that is. And if he took off the batter, the point value would be halved 🙂 For the record, I don’t think Leon would stand a chance.

  3. I love the photo of you – you looked beautiful as always. Every single other one of those photos makes me want to be sick.

    We have the left over schnitty in our rubbish bin and even though I can’t see it, the thought of it being in my house makes me want to gag.

  4. The title of this blog reminds of a song….

    gefallene Schnitzelsoldaten
    Can you finish the lot?
    Chicken schnitzel challenge
    Feeling sick, think not….

    *sung to the tune of ‘Onward Christian Soldiers’

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