today I am…

  • wondering why people are so weird. This morning in traffic, an old man sat behind me beeping because I stopped as the light went from amber to red. I then watched him continually nash his gums together like he was searching for his false teeth, for the duration of the red light. As soon as the light when green he was back on the horn! I guess I can forgive him, because when your that old, you have earned the right to be grumpy and impatient!
  • annoyed that I cant get a decent salad across the road in the food court. It seems I have to walk half a kilometer to Sumo to satiate my salad yearnings.
  • in a little bit of pain from my new tatt. It is red and irritated. Hurry up and heal! It doesnt help that it keeps brushing on my clothes and is my mouse arm….
  • hoping that Rosie will be my date to SATC2 premier
  • annoyed that I have no breather between projects. Finished 6 month gig on Friday, reviewed a new solution set this morning and given two new ones this afternoon.
  • obsessed with Supernatural and Vampire Diaries. I cant believe I have to wait another 5 days til the next episodes come out.
  • again so happy that I order books from!  I received my fifth and final book from my order a couple of weeks ago. It’s brand-newly published and is entitled “Dawn of the Dreadfuls” and is the prequel to ‘Pride, Prejudice and Zombies’. YAY for eighteenth century Austin/zombie hybrids!
  • very happy that Mandy loved her little pressie. She is truely gorgeous.
  • loved that Mel texted me just to have a happy day…bless
  • slightly annoyed that my family cant get it together and make a frickin decision on where to holiday at Xmas. seriously, I am one step away from ditching them.
  • jealous that Jay gets to see Kim Kardashian IRL at work today! If I met her, then I would be only 1 step from becoming best buddies with Chloe!!!

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