101 things about melly

In no particular order;

1. I am impatient

2. Cooking makes me relaxed and happy

3. I love ANYTHING to do with vampires or zombies. Books, TV shows, Movies, etc. Before the current craze, since I was a teenager

4. I often wish I was a marine biologist

5. If I could have my ultimate dinner party, the 6 guests of honour would be: Sir David Attenborough, Jacques Cousteau, James Taylor, Angelina Jolie, Jamie Oliver, Khloe Kardashian

6. When I was in grade 3, I met Politician Bob Brown in the back of a limo and he was stinking drunk and gave me a stackhat

7. I often feel non-existent spiders crawling on me

8. I am an avid reader. I LOVE reading.

9. I am a worrier

10. I love massages

11. I like to plan stuff

12. I love getting pedicures

13. Fresh flowers in my house makes me really happy

14. My favourite food is Japanese

15. and French & Mexican

16. But at home I like to cook Italian and French

17. I think that The Simpsons shaped my sense of humour!

18. I like a firm mattress

19. And sheets with 1000 threadcount

20. I once had my tongue pierced. And my bellybutton.

21. I have secret daydreams of being a famous hollywood actor

22. I like bright coloured nail-polish (pinks & oranges) and dark colours (navy, plum & deep maroons)

23. My first job was as a milk-runner

24.  My first kiss was with Bryson

25. My last kiss was with Jay

26. I save notes and cards

27. I love things from Tiffany’s. The Blue Box makes me gasp!

28. I like to be in control

29. I hate my arms

30. But I love my decolletage

31. My voice gets really loud when Im excited

32. I love scary movies. But I often watch them with my fingers in my ears.

33. I pretty much always read the back page of a book sometime during the first two chapters

34. I don’t like dreamcatchers.

35. I have five tattoos (ankle, back, tummy & forearm)

36. I have no doubt that my husband Jay is my soulmate.

37. I wear skirts & dresses more than pants

38. I like salads with nuts in them

39. My fave actors are Robert Downey Jr, Jason Bateman & Leo Dicaprio

40. In summer I pray for winter, in winter I pray for summer.

41. I always chat to the cab driver

42. When Im at the movies, I dip my choctop into my popcorn

43. Some of my most favourite times are spent with Janine & Ian; we laugh, eat, drink, go on holiday, reminisce & chill out. They’re better than family!

44. I was born ‘breech’

45. and when I was a baby, I was jaundice so they stuck me out in the sun alot (Nth QLD = extreme sun) so I think thats why sunshine directly increases my happiness.

46. I wish my Dad was different.

47. My favourite icecream combo at ColdRock is vanilla bean & hokey pokey with smashed snickers, bounty and gummy bears.

48. I never get tired on ‘Sexy & the City’ reruns

49. I am stubborn

50. I was the high-school sports captain as well as captain of the swimming team and girls basketball & netball teams

51. I went to State Championships for swimming and National Championships for basketball.

52. Each month I get a new favourite food

53. I am a social media freak…Instagram (@thisismelly) Facebook, twitter (@m3lly78), Pinterest (m3lly78), Tumblr (http://mellywilliams.tumblr.com/) – I am stalkable followable!

54. I went into a week long mourning session when River Pheonix died

55. My favourite movies list just keeps getting longer

56. I always order the creme brulee.

57. I love watching trashy teen sitcoms

58. I am quick to anger but quick to forgive or admit my faults

59. I hate this about myself, but I store up ammunition for future fights (Im trying to be better, really)

60. I love fairylights & street fairs

61. I wish my work had a Terry Tate linebacker

62. 12WBT has literally changed my life!

63. I am very sympathetic

64. I like spontaneous road trips

65. One of my favourite things is hanging out with Grace, just talking / cooking / reading / driving / listening to music

66. Cruelty to animals makes me angry

67. Whaling makes me murderous

68. Tamara is my longest friend; we’ve been soul sisters for 26 years. I love her sense of dry humour, her musical ability, her intellect, our shared taste in media and her beautiful little family.

69. I can be very bossy

70. I have a crown on my front tooth

71. And I constantly worry that its going to fall off.

72. My husband loves it when I make up silly dances and songs for him

73. He also loves my skin

74. I love my husband

75. My ideal weekend is; sunny weather, exercise in the morning, beach in the afternoon and dinner & movies in the evening

76. Generally speaking I love my husbands cousins more than my own

77. The best compliment Ive ever received is that I have beautiful eyes

78. I am a tragic joke teller but I always find my jokes extremely hilarious!

79. I love reading other people’s blogs. I follow about 200 bloggers on my reader. I’m slightly stalker-ish about random people!

80. I usually always veer off a receipe

81. My favourite game is “what would we do if we won the lotto”

82. Once when Grace and I were in class in high school, we were mucking around with a hot glue gun and I burned a hole through my dress, right into my skin. Today you can still see a perfectly round scar on my thigh.

83. I am very competitive when it comes to board games

84. I seriously cant believe Julia Gillard (Australian ex-Prime Minister) was FHMs Sexiest Woman of the Year

85. I would totally make out with Amanda Heard

86. I believe that karma is only a bitch if you are

87. I sleep walk when Im sick

88. I believe in trying things once

89. My drink of choice is a vodka martini (straight up, with an olive, ONLY Grey Goose or Belvedere) or French champagne

90. I spend a large amount of time thinking how I’ll save the world from the impending zompoc (zombie apocalypse)

91. I have a cavoodle named Harley who is just an absolute crazy joy

92. I’m working on owning my own apartment (in Pyrmont)

93. Ive only ever snow skiied twice

94. Ive travelled to NZ, Indonesia, England, France, Germany, Switzerland, Austria, Singapore, Fiji.

95. I was home-schooled when I was young for 2 years as my family traveled around Australia

96. I like changing my hair colour

97. I believe in the power of the green smoothie!

98. I have to pee right before I fall asleep. But usually its just a mental thing.

99. I can talk myself out of anything. Or into anything.

100. I love my brother but we bicker constantly after about 24 hours together (because…see # 49 and 69)

101. I have a pathalogical need for the house to be clean on a Friday evening.

it’s me

25 thoughts on “101 things about melly

  1. I have to admit, I only read the first eight things. But I like the idea a lot. Now I wonder if there are even 101 things worth listing about us? But I am pretty jealous that a drunk Bob Brown gave you a stack hat.

    It’s really hard to top that.

    1. Ha! Yes well, the thing about receiving a stack hat from a drunk Bob Brown when he was the Minister for Transport is that all I think is that he’s a complete tosser now!

      But Im always trying to top it…I once saw Prime Minister John Howard in his ‘FederalOne’ car stopped at the lights in Sydney CBD and I just waved at him like I knew him. He smiled at me but it was weird like an awkward Mexican standoff.

      I have many stories of awkward encounters with well known people…

  2. Great post. I was checking continuously this weblog and I am inspired!
    Very helpful info specially the final section 🙂
    I take care of such info a lot. I used to be seeking this certain information for a long time.

    Thank you and best of luck.

  3. I love that you actually can think of 101 things about yourself 😀 I always struggle to come up with 7 random things! lol

    On that note, I have nominated you for the Sunshine Blog Award. Click on the link http://GOO.GL/CLXOV or visit my blog to find out the details! Congrats!

      1. Awwww thanks for the nom Lilly!!!
        Yes, it’s amazing how much trivial stuff you can come up with when you’ve had a glass of vino and are in a self reflective mood!!! 😉

  4. love your blog, really interesting and fun it has inspired me for our blog, thanks

    many regards Mark and Vicky

  5. You have not changed Mellie, except like sweet Georgia wine, got better with age! I was smiling the whole time reading your 101 of you! Next time your in Brisbane you have to stay with us! X

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